Thursday, 6 October 2011

Out with the new, in with the old.

Due to this new student lifestyle, I have somehow managed to become even lazier than I have ever been. Maybe it's not having your parents there telling you what to do or living with 7 other students who you just want to sit around and chat to all day... Either way the laziness has taken over. That is why it has taken me over two and a half weeks to finally create this blog and upload my pictures from LFW. Now I may not have been back stage at a show, or even got into a show, but I was near the shows and managed to get some pictures of some outfits, people and clothes I found interesting.

 Love this skirt, is it a back drop hem though? The diagonal front hem makes me think otherwise, clearly more fashion terminology needs to be learnt in my seminars.

Not sure I would be quite so brave as to wear just underwear underneath but nevertheless this dress still looks great, very Rihanna.

Denim jacket? Yes. Maxi skirt? Yes. Stud detailing? Yes. Dip-dyed hair? Yes (you get the point).

May I have your hair please?

Forget finishing this post with a thought, I'll finish it with these shoes.

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